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Lynx Dean’s New Single “World Domination” Might Be His Best To Date

Previously known as the lead of the band Random Order, Toronto-based Lynx Dean is well on his way toward establishing himself as a name to watch within the industry, and his new single “World Domination” is a true testament to that. Amplifying the uplifting song's message even more, Lynx Dean is happening to be undergoing gender confirming surgery on the same day as its release.

“World Domination” is Lynx Dean’s most personal song to date, as he explains in a press statement. “It represents my literal and figurative metamorphosis while expressing unity. There's no going back!” he says. Combining infectious, singalong hooks with 70s-inspired disco production - courtesy of Sony Music Publishing-signed producer Giampaolo Pasquile - “World Domination” is Lynx Dean’s anthem for becoming who you are meant to be, fighting for it and celebrating your triumphs.


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