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Manda’s Stunning New Single “fuck myself” Is Here, And We Can’t Get Enough Of It

Hailing from Sweden and based in LA, Manda has cemented herself as a Queer/LGBTQ icon over the past years, consistently sharing uplifting singles that aim to encourage listeners to embrace their sexuality and feminine power. Her latest release “fuck myself” tells yet another lively and personal story, while making up for a radio-ready hit filled with exciting moments and vibrant production.

“I wrote “fuck myself” about two years ago, after the last time i had sex with a man. I still identified as bisexual back then, even though i’ve known for forever that i’m gay, so sex with men was never my cup of tea, but nonetheless, always so disappointing. I got to the studio one day and was so fed up about how selfish men were in bed and how most men don’t know at all how bodies with vaginas work, nor cared to learn. “fuck myself” is not only a part of my diary, but also relatable to so many people. It’s an uplifting and catchy y2k pop-influenced track about female sexuality and empowerment, and how to always listen, love and appreciate yourself and your body,” explains the artist in a press statement.

In 2012, Manda kickstarted her career in the music industry by placing in the Top 7 of Swedish X Factor in 2012, and continued her impressive run by performing her original song “Glow” on the Swedish election of Eurovision in 2014. Ever since, she has garnered even more success with her iTunes chart-topping electronic single “Sweetest Heartbreak,” as well as wrote and performed the “Loved By You” by producer Lordnox, which has amassed 4.5 million international streams since its release.

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