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Manu Meyer Makes His Debut With 'Little Monster'

German-based songwriter, recording artist and music producer Manu Meyer captivates listeners with his Alt-Pop sound on his inaugural release ‘Little Monster’.

Since his start in music at the tender age of 8, Manu has been honing his craft, and developing his sound; influenced by the likes of Muse, Kings of Leon and David Bowie. Mixing his dynamic vocals with a vibrant production and array of alt-rock beats, ‘Little Monster’ dwells on that universal emotion of temptation. With vibrant instrumentation and a dark and sultry aesthetic, this new release is the perfect introduction to Manu’s artistic sound.

Speaking about the release, he explained, “This song is about temptation and how we struggle with it! This song in particular it's about being a young man and how helpless we are sometimes when a real beauty is coming around the corner. You are speechless, staring, blinded and every minute seems to be just a second instead! For me this song is about my own past. I made mistakes, did the wrong things and had to learn but in the end those temptations made me the man I am right now!”


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