MDL CHLD And Nicole D'Amato Join Forces For Their Most Inclusive Effort To Date With “Funk (About Yo

MDL CHLD pka/ Chris Corsini is working hard in order to reshape the accessibility and inclusivity in both the arts and spiritual communities, and his latest song and project “Funk (About You)” truly showcases everything he stands for. An anthem of empowerment which features Rights Activist Nicole D'Amato, “Funk (About You)” comes alongside a stunning music video, courtesy of a large team of BIPOC, Queer and Deaf people, who all joined forces to bring MDL CHLD’s vision to life, as well as portray a positive message.

“Funk (About You)” marks MDL CHLD’s first single of the year, making us overly excited to check out whatever he drops next. Other than a forward-thinking musician, MDL CHLD is a Certified ASL/English interpreter, who has interpreted concerts for JayZ, Panic! At The Disco, Shawn Mendes, Jonas Brothers and many more household names, as well as a spiritual coach, whose accessible for all Tarot readings and spiritual workshops have provided people all around the world with massive value.