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Model turned musician Andreww returns with his latest single, ‘Crossroads’

Back with his fourth studio single, model turned musician Andreww returns with ‘Crossroads’, which sees the burgeoning singer-songwriter take on a slightly new musical direction; straying away from the gloom and doom of toxic relationships and opting for a more cheerful outlook instead.

Speaking on the message behind ‘Crossroads’ Andreww reveals:

“It’s about making a decision and sticking to it. Two things can happen: It works or you learn something but as long as you just go for it everything will be fine. Life’s too short to wait for someone to make the decision for you.”- Andreww

Authentic to his winning musical formula; ‘Crossroads’ sees Andreww deliver his much-loved, retrospective, storyteller-style lyricism over dark yet dreamy grunge guitars and fierce 808 beats. Commanded by Andreww’s unmistakably raspy voice, his vocals blend seamlessly with the instrumental which gradually lures listeners into a bold and powerful, rock n’ roll hook that have become a staple in his discography. Young, creative and original, Andreww is

bursting with talent, proving himself to be a versatile and exciting new act with each release.


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