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'My Lucky Day' is the newest release from Naama Guggenheim

Just in time for Inauguration Day, Naama Guggenheim has returned with aptly named single 'My Lucky Day'. Discussing destiny and our own paths, the single is a glowing departure from Naama's normal style which is more guitar focused, as oppose to electronically led. Nonetheless, we love what we're hearing. Listen below:

Discussing the release Naama explains:

I wrote this song while visiting my brother in Australia and its effect was undeniable! I’m not sure whether it was nature, my family or how lightly everyone reacted to the world, all I know is that I had positivity gushing out of me. My initial intention was to start a healing process and it developed into an incredible lighthouse, a collective call to action. An everlasting reminder that we are in charge of our own destiny.”

Make sure you get 'My Lucky Day' added to your playlists today!


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