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"Never Let Me Go" is the beautiful & cinematic indie-pop song from Sam Himself

“The last couple of years took their toll on me like they did on all of us, but they also gave me a lot to be thankful for. It still feels like a small miracle that anyone cared about my music while we were all going through this pretty bleak time.”

I can hear this statement playing out with great lyrical depth throughout Sam Himself's new single "Never Let Me Go". This is a subject that no doubt many people can relate to. It's a delicate, intricate and beautiful journey through acoustic guitars, experimental elements and effortlessly affecting vocals. The song's quiet opening sets a dark, experimental and yet hauntingly beautiful tone before the track bursts into life on the infectious, moving and hugely catchy chorus. As the full sound emerges, a more poppy edge with a bouncing beat and cinematic synths jump to the fore. Whatever struggles Sam was going through back in the pandemic (which I personally can relate to a lot), he's clearly broken free of those and "Never Let Me Go" is the celebration of that. Altogether, I was fully drawn into the world that Sam has crafted here and it demonstrates his talents as a writer as well as his flawless ear for a beautiful and emotionally impactful arrangement.


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