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New Kid On The Block: John Dhali

John Dhali specialises in a brand of soul-folk, penned from a narrowboat currently headed to the capital. With airplay from BBC Radio 1 & 2, as well as achieving 2 Best Solo Artist in regional competitions based in the North West, it's clear John's sound is in high demand.

Having dropped Plain Sight last week, we're in awe of John's extraordinary venture. Packed with celebratory chorus' and shining strings, the visual points to a something we have all taken advantage of in the last few weeks - travel.

John opened up about the release, stating:

“I wrote this song last year after really working hard to overcome some shit that was still lurking in the shadows of my subconscious. It's a message that I try to live by - about pushing through whatever it is and shining your light... cos what else are we supposed to do here?”

Despite being sat within the realms of Jordan Mackampa and being more rootsy than 00’s lovers The Guillemots, John Dhali is definitely an artist of his own. We hope you get adding this to your isolation playlists, to spark some joy into our strange times.

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