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New Kid On The Block - Paisley Park

Hailing from South Wales we have Paisley Park, a no-nonsense rock band who craft singable melodies and hard hitting guitar lines. Hey Lady is their newest offering, check it out below:

Discussing the track, Jack Mason explains:

“It’s one of those songs that just happened. Ieuan had been playing about with this riff for a while, I came up with the melody and lyrics and the rest just fell into place and just like that ‘Hey Lady’ was born. It’s got everything a song needs, a catchy chorus, a crunchy riff and a story that most youngsters can relate to. It’s one of our most popular songs to play live so we are really excited to see what people’s reaction will be on release day.”

The boys grew up on council estates in a deprived town, and have put all their energy into music. Their sound is constantly growing, as is their fanbase. They're certainly an act to keep your eyes on.


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