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Nina Tribus offers bittersweet taste of disillusionment, 'Once Upon A Show'

"As in theatre, so in life, all that glitters really isn’t gold, and often that has a bittersweet taste of disillusionment. Is it all worth it? Is this thing that I am striving for even real? I don’t know, but I do know that dreams are just like little music boxes on a shelf, and whether they turn out to be real or just an illusion, you will only ever know at the end."

Nina Tribus is back with a new powerful statement and stunning visuals.

Since last year, Nina Tribus has been on a track of consistently releasing new music ever

since her debut single ‘Primadonna’. Known for her flair for drama and glam, this time Nina invites us for a bittersweet waltz across a haunted castle of broken dreams, titled ‘Once Upon a Show’.


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