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Nolai Releases Electro Synth-Pop Track 'Through My Eyes'

Producer turned artist Nolai’s newest track Through My Eyes is a harmonious blend of synth-pop and electro.

Listening to the track is an experience not dissimilar to euphoria, a sense created by the pumping beat accompanied with his distinguished vocal style. Nolai has mastered the art of creating and using soundscapes to produce songs with their own character and a sense of independence, Through My Eyes being the perfected example of this style of production.

Speaking on the meaning of the song, Nolai comments "I’ve always had a thing for the night, that's when i feel alive.
It has something intriguing that keeps me awake and chase my dreams or has me in my feelings. Especially in the city. Riding through the night in my cabriolet, wild places, colourful lights, women and the rush that keeps me on track and inspired.”.

Previous to his change of lane into artistry, Nolai initially entered the music world as a producer. However, since entering the realm of an artist Nolai has relished in the opportunity to experiment with and perfect his skills. This has allowed him to carve out his own individualistic style of music and create a single that gives the listener the exact sense of thought desired.

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