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Nova Junction Showcases Skills With Debut Release "Down for Your Love"

Teaming up with musician William Bradley Brooks, Nova Junction have just unveiled his debut single "Down for Your Love," which is out now on all digital platforms via independent release. Nova Junction is a brand new project based in New Orleans, aiming to take over the world of music with his infectious hooks and otherworldly productions that intend to take their listeners on a journey through a familiar and infectious sound. Generally categorized under the electronic/indie rock umbrella, Nova Junction's music is bound to be diverse and non-conforming, and judging by his debut single, we're definitely in for a wild ride.

"Down for Your Love" holds a certain amount of nostalgia and vintage flavor, yet sounds like an overly modern and radio-ready production. The single starts off slow with the help of smooth guitar melodies, soft drums, and mellow ambiances, before transitioning into sultry and vibrant chorus sections that are nothing short of impressive.

"When this song was taking shape, I felt the sultry guitar and psychedelic sound combined to make way for some sort of a love story. When “Bill” William Brooks came in and we started working on vocal structure and lyrics, we both decided it would take on an unlikely love narrative about that urge most everyone gets when they have a “fling” or one night stand with someone that really isn’t meant to last." - Harold Rosenberg (Nova Junction)

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