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Pop-duo THE LET GO Aren't Fans of "Marie" In Their New Single

If there was ever a clique that you wanted to be a part of, it's definitely this one. Indie-pop duo The Let Go is quickly becoming known for their infectious melodies and sensational lyrics and their latest offering "marie" is no different. The track explores a bitter ending to a relationship with the clique singing “What do you do with all the heartache?/Cause you left me it seems for your friend Marie”. Speaking on the track The Let Go states “'marie' is a song about getting cheated on, and having to deal with the heartache.”

Comprising of Sophi Rose and Nicoletta Kate, The Let Go is an indie pop clique hailing from Washington, D.C. and now based in the great city of Liverpool. Already garnering support from BBC Introducing, Spotify, Liverpool Noise and more, The Let Go is ready for you to join them in the best ever indie-pop clique.

Check out the video for "marie" now!

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