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Psyclo delivers perfectly peculiar track ‘Smoke Screen’

Genre-hopping genius Psyclo returns with her peculiar yet perfect new track ‘Smoke Screen’.

Never one to play by the rules, the Los Angeles artist bends samples of car crashes, burning fire and a war zone over the top of eerie piano melodies and downtempo beats in her latest offering, expanding out to a haunting soundscape that is weirdly wonderful. Performing her vocals with a breathy tone to coincide with the sinister disposition of the song, Psyclo proves that she is one of the most intriguing newcomers of the last year.

When speaking about the track Psyclo said“I haven't found my people yet and my people haven't found me. I have a shitty memory and also a lot of the times I choose to forget so I do forget a lot of things. This song is what I feel when those long lost memories come back and hit me all at once, crushing me to pieces.”

Notoriously mysterious with a witty sense of humour and language, the singer-songwriter adapts her personality into her music, raising intrigue with her elusive sounds and lyrical thematics. Having accomplished success with her recent twelve back to back releases, ‘Smoke Screen’ is set to take Psyclo above and beyond her own expectations.


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