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Selina unveils brand new track 'Blue'

Selina returns with a brand new R&B track, 'Blue'. The distorted beat drops in the track, mirror Selina’s realisation, her lover does not see her worth, and she needs to let go. ‘Blue’ is a relatable, reflective track perfect to play during a late-night drive or after a break-up. 

Selina’s musical abilities are ear-catching, her voice compelling R&B voice blends so flawlessly with the instrumental. She is pouring every bit of emotion and pain onto the track for listeners to enjoy and grow from. 

Selina crafts songs that are introspective, somber, and compelling. “Blue,” the singer songwriter's latest single, draws a comparison between the vulnerable reality of love and the illusionistic eeriness that stems from her personal fantasies. Portland, Oregon native, Selina pairs lingering synths with layers of atmospheric vocals to create a unique blend of R&B and Indie music.


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