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Shaeden Madi Finally Unveils Her Third Single “Ima Get Mine”

Shaeden Madi is here to stay, and her Middle Eastern-influenced sound is bound to take over the world sooner rather than later. Growing up between the United States and Jordan, the multi-talented artist studied fashion at AIU in London and connected with renowned vocal coaches RAab Stevenson (Kimad Productions) and Jason Catron (The Vocal Lab), as well as Nashville-based producers Kwil and Haram Beats in 2020, in order to prepare the music she’s methodically unveiling this year.

Represented by multi-media agency Virtue Clan, Shaeden Madi made her debut earlier this year with the impressive track “Introducing Shaeden Madi” and the infectious single “El Salam Alaikum,” and has now unveiled her third song: “Ima Get Mine.” An empowering and infectious hip-hop/pop single, “Ima Get Mine” is driven by laid-back melodies and hard-hitting 808s, while the artist’s unique vocal performance takes the vibe to a whole new level.


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