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Shyler Makes His Dynamic Return With '180'

Making a dynamic return with a vibrant trap rock anthem and accompanying music video, rising artist Shyler delivers his latest offering ‘180’.

Drawing upon a range of genres, Shyler delivers a rhythmic and addictive trap-led, rap anthem; featuring high energy and addictive beats. In synergy with the tempo of the music itself, Shyler’s calculated lyrics express the need to up the intensity and pace of life, never slowing down. Accompanying the track is a brand new video featuring a skilled claymation aesthetic, and depicting the high-intensity narrative of a police car chase.

Talking about the track, and the meaning behind it, Shyler explains:

‘This song is about going fast. When all of the recording artists were forced to rethink our touring and travel plans I felt like the world was trying to slow us down. This song is an expression of that. I also feel that I wrote this track to express how fast the cycle of existence can go. Your life can begin in one moment and end in seconds really…’

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, Shyler is set to continue delivering quality singles and music, having already garnered a large following and attention from notable members of the industry including TRASH and Adam 22; with 2021 looking to be another huge year for Shyler.


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