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Skyscream Shows Off New Vibes In New Track 'Ven Ya'

After twelve years into the DJ world, Skyscream knew it was time to spice things up and this new release brings all the latin emotions any listener could want.

The Canadian is inspired by the genres of Dancehall, R&B, EDM, Rap, Grime and Pop, but has always been one to experiment and push the boundaries with his work.

By using his Caribbean background as inspiration as well as his love for Latin music, the new track 'Ven Ya' provides uplifting beats in a time that needs it more than ever.

The freshness of the beats combined with the DJ's knowledge of how to put together a track full of different types of ingredients is why this cocktail of beats is one to remember.

Skyscream On The New Track:

‘Ven ya is my first Latin release, it's something that is very special to me because I've been trying to be open with different music styles. I wanted to release this for the summer of 2020 as something new and fresh by me.’

Listen to the new track below.


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