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Sounds Created Through Colour - Julyan Releases 'Do Anything'

Candidly open about his Synesthesia, a sensory experience that allows those with it to feel and taste colours as well as adopt alternate meanings for them, Julyan’s music is created in a truly unique way. The French-Canadian artist has released the first single from his new project, entitled ‘Do Anything’, a four-part series that will be unveiled over the coming months.

A far more modern approach than his usual flair, ‘Do Anything’ is bursting with punchy choruses, catchy hooks and funk-laden basslines, whilst his introspective lyricism leaves a puzzling question with the listener long after the last note. Battling with the ambiguity of good and bad and how one’s choices can affect their life path, Julyan’s narratives are close to home, and his sincerity is what makes him so intriguing as an artist. Digging deeper into the depth of his words, Julyan explains ''Do Anything'' tells you to be confident in your decisions. Said confidence can be felt gaining in intensity with the song, as the character encounters and confronts his personal doubts and questionings in every verse”.

Having previously been a member of the bands The Seasons and Forest Boys, Julyan embarked on a solo career last May, with his eponymous debut EP being received to rapturous acclaim. His irresistible hit, ‘Give Up’, secured a spot in the Canadian Top 20, and his most recent release ‘Roll the Dice’ has racked up over 154,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Pop’s most prevalent newcomer, Julyan is an exciting addition to the scene, and one that looks set to go far this year.


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