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South London based trio The Swirlers unleash 'Legacy'

Teaming up for a captivating collaboration, South London based trio The Swirlers and DJ duo INFINITESNDS have joined forces to deliver their brand new single, ‘Legacy’. Taken off of The Swirlers’ upcoming project ‘EX2’, ‘Legacy’ is the latest example of their eclectic and skilled artistry; delivering a vibrant, genre-defying anthem. And accompanying the track is a brand new music video, set in the underground streets of London.

Highlighting their diverse and eclectic sound, ‘Legacy’ delivers a fusion of musical and generic elements from across Garage, House, Grime, Soul and Funky Dance. With pulsing 808’s, dynamic synths and distinctive progressions running throughout; they all smoothly meld into one rhythmic and dynamic beat that’s made to dance to.

Speaking of the new release, the trio explain: “Legacy is the leading single off our upcoming project EX2 (abbreviation for “Example 2” - a collection of songs that represent examples of the different musical styles you can expect to hear from us in the future). Legacy is an ode to the genres which our generation grew up on through the 90s & Naughties - “House Garage Grime Funky Dance Soul”. It’s what we like to call “A Celebration of British Sounds”. The record features a DJ duo called Infinitesnds from South London.”

As a trio of artists, each brings their own unique vocal stylings and artistic flair, to come together to create music with no creative borders or restrictions; with the band also producing all of their own music, from recording to mastering. And with an exciting year ahead, ‘Example 2’ is their first project and is set to really expose the massive potential that they possess.

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