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The FifthGuys, Biometrix and Lost Identities Team Up For Explosive Single “Shock Therapy”

Without a doubt, duos The FifthGuys and Lost Identities, as well as UK-based producer Biometrix, are three massively talented and rising names within the electronic music space. With releases on huge labels such as Nightblue Music, Lowly, Electronic Records, Tribal Trap and more, as well as millions of collective plays on their respective catalogs, these are names that will definitely stuck in the heads and playlists of listeners for a long time. 

Their first joint collaboration “Shock Therapy” just came out independently and is as impressive as expected. A great combination of electro and futuristic sounds, it starts off with ambient electric guitar melodies and an epic atmosphere, while impactful vocal lines drive the tune forward. The drop explodes into a masterful showcase of sound design and hard-hitting drums, completing this beast of a tune that is certainly going to be aiding The FifthGuys, Biometrix and Lost Identities in the progression of their careers. 


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