The Junkie Twins Unveil 'All Things Future and Past'

Even though they are based in America, Alt-Rock duo ‘The Junkie Twins’ have an unmistakably Aussie flavour in their latest track ‘All Things Future and Past’.

Drawing on genre influences including Hip Hop and RnB The Junkie Twins create a unique genre-bending soundscape. Lofi electronic glitches combined with superb brass instrumentation and euphoric vocals make the track sonically interesting and engaging.

The two brothers, Anthony and David Gill describe the meaning behind new single ‘All Things Future and Past’: “The song is about letting go of control, an experience I had before writing this song when I realized that trying to control a situation outside of myself was leading nowhere and I could only experience inner freedom when I finally let go of control.”

With a successful debut album in their wake and more music on its ways, we’re looking forward to keeping an eye on these talented boys.