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The Outview Deliver 'Reasons' The Feel Good Pop Track We All Need Right Now

The latest helping of feel-good pop comes in the form of new single Reasons by electric duo

The Outview.

This spirited anthem is an injection of much-needed energy in the current climate and will keep you coming back to listen over and over again with its addictive melody and spirited vocal performance. In times of such uncertainty where nobody could possibly understand what any other individual is experiencing, a song of such positivity and assertion is a necessity.

The Outview explained their own thoughts on the song, “Reasons is a song about listening and validating. It's about coming to an awareness that someone's experiences are different than your own and acknowledging the complexities and difficulties that come with that experience”.

The pair have found themselves on an increasingly rapid rise to stardom and show no signs of slowing that down with their constant output of well constructed and eclectic brand of pop-synth bops. The duo has a lot more to offer and will continue to no doubt impress with their already well-asserted stylings.


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