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Theo Lee Is Back With Addictive New Track 'I'll Be Fine'

Reuniting with Jenna Noelle and with the addition of Rowlan, Theo Lee releases new single I’ll Be Fine.

The electronic producer has once again delivered a highly addictive slice of vivacity. From start to finish the song is glee inducing and refreshing. Everything that Theo includes is so evidently deliberate and works in such harmony and synergy. The inclusion of some stunning vocals from recurring collaborator Jenna Noelle and soothing flow of rapper Rowlan gives it all the makings of a summer anthem, and although that may seem far away it is not hard to imagine the setting when listening to this production.

I’ll be fine, follows on from an already successful back catalogue of releases from the Indonesian-American producer. Theo has been playing the piano since the age of four but has only made his emergence onto the music scene in the last year. After studying music at the Manhattan School of Music, he realised he was in love with production and used the years between to perfect his craft and ensure that any production was exceptional.

More releases have been promised, in the meantime, I’ll Be Fine gives listeners an opportunity to be excited at the prospect of more to come from the 3 talented artists that created a song that immediately insights such happiness.


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