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Tonner Displays His Vulnerability In Smooth New Single “Criminal”

Florida based multi-instrumentalist and producer Tonner is kicking off the new decade with the release of his debut EP, ​Whispers In The Dark.

The lead indie pop single of the EP, “Criminal,” builds on hypnotizing synths, luminescent piano chords, and his signature electric guitar melodies. Its eclectic sounds find a way to inspire listeners to fuel their dreams and continue thriving in life.

Lyrically, the single describes a story of a broken-hearted loner who’s going through trauma and hasn’t been able to deal with the issues in his life. Tonner accidentally came across this song with the synth sound in the beginning that started it all.

“Criminal” is mesmerizing all on its own. Every individual beat, clever hook, and takes a piece of his producing abilities and puts it all into this one hit. His vocals introduce listeners to a whole new world that needs to be replayed over and over again.


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