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TYZN Defies Genre Binds With Single 'Slender'

TYZN continues on his mission to defy genre binds with newest single Slender. The latest instalment from the American artist is a nu-funk bop about the entrapment of relationships and the struggle that comes with leaving.

Previous release, Paradise, was subject to a warm reception and TYZN plans to keep up the momentum with Slender. The track boasts an array of pop-rock synth chords and a bouncing beat that inspires an overwhelming sense of joy to warm the soul of any listener.

TYZN explained the meaning to the track, “Slender is about that relationship you know you need to quit but you just can't get enough of that person.”

Accompanied by an energetic feel-good video starring Youtube sensation Macro and some friends dancing and performing the track. The video serves as a compelling visual counterpart to a genuine joyous track.

Slender is the third release from TYZN in the last 6 months and continues his legacy as the new kid on the pop-rock scene.


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