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Zaxai Releases Bright new Song “Goodbye (The Other-side)”

Landing on the Top 24 of season 15 of “NBC The Voice” has been a long time coming for Alberto “Zaxai” Pierre. The talented, Haitian-born singer and performer is ready to take over the world, having started to sing in church at the tender age of 12 and learning how to play guitar at age 14. He kickstarted career still as a teenager, singing background vocals for massive acts such as international Jazz legend Emeline Michel, Avery Storm as well as more recently, Abir for her YouTube live sessions. 

Now, Zaxai is preparing for the release of his forthcoming third studio album Son Of The Xrown Warrior, dropping masterfully-made single “Goodbye (The Other-side)”. The track boasts a heavily 80s-inspired sound, while Zaxai’s voice sounds wonderful on top. Analog-sounding basslines, synth chords, and heavenly melodies drive the instrumental, while the artist’s vocal performance is heavenly, combining R&B and pop styles perfectly.


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