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"Goku" is the vibrant new release from alternative hip-hop duo Hippie Tribe

Taking the alternative hip-hop industry by storm, Hippie Tribe could easily be the next big thing and the recent single 'Goku' explains why. A track that you'll find yourself gravitating towards each day for your daily dosage, this addictive offering feels like a new era for your new favourite duo. Consisting of blond.bomber (the classically trained pianist who taught himself, Bach, at age 8!) and dp.thuHippie (who aspires to write, direct and score his own movies), the combo have been turning heads with their addictive, signature sonics. They create a sound all their own as they seamlessly flow through and blend the highest peaks of various genres like Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and Alt Rock. A sound so undeniable, the multi-instrumentalist tandem know their breakout is right around the corner.

In the same vein as xxxTentacion's breakout hit 'Look at Me' and half of Tyler, The Creator's back catalogue, this just under minute thirty riot refuses to be left in any shadows. Unapologetic, assertive and in places hard-hitting, 'Goku' establishes Hippie Tribe as go-to artists in the alt hip-hop world.

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