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REVIEW: Project Blackbird - 'If This Is The End'

Following up the release of their much-loved 2018 debut album 'Endurance', fast-rising UK-based collective Project Blackbird are now looking to return to the fold as they deliver their highly-anticipated sophomore LP 'If This Is The End', which will arrive on the 11th March.

Despite being written during the latter months of 2019, the recording process was stifled by the coronavirus lockdowns throughout 2020 and led them to finish the record remotely. Although not their original plan, the despondent mood depicted on some of these cuts really resonates with the emotional turmoil many of us felt throughout last year. Many of the tracks project this heart-wrenching longing to be together once again and given that has been so many's realities recently, it comes across as a far more relevant and reflective collection than we first thought.

With nods to progressive indie-rock, britpop and trip-hop sounds from start to finish, 'If This Is The End' makes for a dense and textured listen. With this consistent theme of hopefulness and bittersweet energy running throughout, it feels as if Project Blackbird are one of the few acts at the moment truly seeing the last year as a creative and inspiring opportunity. While not a total downer, their new album is this multifaceted gem that almost takes each of our own emotions and mirrors them back to us, creating this almost intimate aesthetic that very few are managing to create genuinely right now.


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